Local attractions around Arbor Park Apartments

When it comes to where you live, there’s nothing more important than location. That’s why Arbor Park Apartments in Canton, Ohio is such an attractive option for people looking for a great place to live in the greater Canton area.

Located on 38th Street in Canton, Arbor Park Apartments is equidistant from a number of interesting, entertaining, and fun venues. In addition, there are numerous grocery stores and restaurants in the area, providing everyday necessities, as well as a variety of choices for the palate (and the checkbook).

Below are just some of the attractions that you can drive to with ease, and some are even within walking distance. Also included is the approximate distance of event location from Arbor Park Apartments.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame - Canton is “The Hall of Fame City,” and this is the main reason why. Open every day of the year except for Christmas, the Hall celebrates the best players, teams, and owners from years past with impressive exhibits and displays that combine the latest in technological innovation with the allure of monumental milestones and achievements. (1.5 miles)

Belden Village - Canton’s historic shopping area, Belden Village is home to some of the best restaurants around. You could eat out for three weeks straight and never go to the same establishment twice. (3.0 miles)

Westfield Shopping Mall - Part of Belden Village, Westfield can meet all of your shopping needs, no matter how varied they might be. (3.0 miles)

The Strip - You’ll find everything you’ll need here, including stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Borders, Home Depot, the list goes on and on. (5.0 miles)

Downtown Canton - There’s more than just the Hall of Fame in Canton. There are also other attractions, including the Palace Movie Theater, the Canton, Classic Car Museum, the Canton Museum of Art, the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum & Discover World, the Hoover Historical Center, the National First Ladies Library, and the Cultural Center for the Arts. (4.5 miles)

Area Parks - There’s a city park right down the road, in addition to an elementary school with a playground and a track where you can walk or jog. (0.5 miles)

Local Libraries - You can visit the Stark County Library’s main branch downtown or visit any of the nearby local branches. (2.0 miles)

Universities - Malone University, Walsh University, Kent State Stark University and Stark Tech are all within minutes of Arbor Park Apartments.